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Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French Toast

Make sure to watch the video here for a more in depth tutorial. 

Stuffed French Toast
(Printable Recipe)
Serves 2 | Calories 498 | Fat 27g | Protein 16g
Carbs 48g | Sugar 16g | Sodium 660mg


4 Slices Bread
100g | 3.5oz Cream Cheese
15g | 2 Tablespoons Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
8 Strawberries
2 Eggs
250ml | 1 Cup Milk
15g | 1 Tablespoon Butter


Cut four even slices of bread from a loaf, about 1 inch thick. Mix together the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth. Divide the cream cheese mixture between the four slices of bread and spread evenly. Slice the strawberries into thin slices and place onto two of the slices of bread. Leave a small space at the edge of the bread. Press the remaining two slices of bread on top of the strawberries creating a sandwich. In a small bowl using a fork mix together the eggs and milk until well combined. Pour into a shallow dish and add the sandwiches. Allow the bread to soak in the egg mixture for about a minute before turning over carefully. Heat a frypan over medium heat and melt the butter. Remove the sandwiches from the dish and place into the frypan. Cook for about four minutes each side or until golden brown and cooked through. Slice in half and serve with a dusting of icing sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Carina xx