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Gingerbread Cheesecake

The most festive Gingerbread Cheesecake! Filled with warming spices and topped with freshly whipped cream make this Christmas dessert irresistible! Cheesecake is always a favourite dessert and this Gingerbread Cheesecake doesn’t disappoint! It’s rich and creamy while also being light and not too sweet, filled with spice it makes a perfect dessert on Christmas Day! …

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Peppermint Slice

A crumbly chocolate base, sweet peppermint filling and a decadent chocolate topping make up this Peppermint Slice. It’s incredibly delicious and so easy to make! Chocolate Peppermint Slice This is one of my favourite slice recipes, chocolate and mint has to be one of the best combinations! It’s the perfect level of sweetness and pepeprmint …

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Lemon Lime and Bitters

Lemon Lime and Bitters

A refreshing drink that is perfect on a hot day! Follow this simple and easy recipe to make Lemon Lime and Bitters at home. Lemon Lime and Bitters Recipe Lemon Lime and Bitters is a popular drink in New Zealand and Australia. You can buy it premade in cans and glass bottles but it’s pretty …

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Korean Fried Chicken

The Best Korean Fried Chicken

Crispy fried chicken covered with a sweet and spicy Gochujang sauce! This Korean Fried Chicken is full of flavour and incredibly delicious. KFC has a new meaning. Korean Fried Chicken has become so popular in recent years and there is definitely a reason why! This chicken is crunchy, crispy, sweet, slightly spicy and full of …

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Rocky Road

Chocolate Rocky Road

All you need is 4 ingredients to make this deliciously easy Chocolate Rocky Road! A perfect chocolate treat or amazing gift idea! There are so many different versions of rocky road but this one is my favourite! Just 4 ingredients – chocolate, marshmallows, peanuts and Turkish delight – make it incredibly simple but also so …

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