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Mince and Cheese Pie

There’s nothing more Classic than the Kiwi Mince and Cheese Pie. Crispy Flaky Pastry, Savoury Beef Mince and Melted Cheddar Cheese. It’s truely a perfect match! If there is one thing New Zealand is known for or one food it’s Pies. No where else quite does pies like we do here. Whether it’s a bakery, …

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Lamb and Pistachio Koftas Recipe

` This is an easy and simple but delicious midweek meal that has beautiful flavours! I’ve chosen to make these koftas a bit special by including FreshLife Pistachios and Ground Almonds in the mixture – it gives them a tasty nutty flavour and great texture. Pistachios have a lovely sweetness and give great crunch, while …

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