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Stuffed French Toast

  Make sure to watch the video here for a more in depth tutorial.  Stuffed French Toast (Printable Recipe) Serves 2 | Calories 498 | Fat 27g | Protein 16g Carbs 48g | Sugar 16g | Sodium 660mg Recipe 4 Slices Bread 100g | 3.5oz Cream Cheese 15g | 2 Tablespoons Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar) 8 Strawberries …

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Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict is usually a dish people shy away from. Hollandaise sauce is notorious for failing but I’m sharing with you a cheats version. This sauce will still taste exactly the same as traditional Hollandaise Sauce but will only take you about 5 minutes to make. So if you would like to make Eggs Benedict for brunch …

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