This Ambrosia recipe is one of the easiest and most delicious desserts! It takes minutes to prepare and is perfect for any summer bbq or get together.

– Whipping Cream – Berry Greek Yoghurt – Boysenberries – Tams – Marshmallows – Frozen Mixed Berries – Meringues


Pour the cream into a large mixing bowl or the bowl of you stand mixer. Using you stand mixer, hand mixer or a whisk, beat the cream until it forms soft peaks. This should take a few minutes.


Pour the yoghurt into the bowl with the cream and fold it through until well combined.


Drain the tinned boysenberries and add the berries to the bowl. Fold through with a spoon. Set the mixture to the side.


Use a knife to cut the marshmallows in half, the Tim Tams into small pieces and 4 of the meringues into large pieces.


Add the frozen berries to the bowl, the marshmallows, Tim Tams and meringues. Save a small amount of the Tim Tams to sprinkle over the top of the Ambrosia.


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