Crispy fried chicken covered with a sweet and spicy Gochujang sauce! This Korean Fried Chicken is full of flavour and incredibly delicious.

– Skinless Boneless Chicken Thigh – Garlic Cloves – Ginger – White Pepper – Soy Sauce – Potato Starch


Cut the chicken thigh into 1″ or 3cm cubes. Place into a bowl with the garlic, ginger, white pepper and soy sauce.


Toss to coat, cover and leave to marinate for 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge.


Remove the chicken from the fridge and add the potato starch. Toss until all of the chicken is evenly coated and set to the side.


In a small saucepan add all of the ingredients for the Gochujang sauce, the gochujang paste, ketchup, soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, mirin and garlic.


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