These Fried Chicken Bao Buns are incredibly delicious + simple and easy to make! Soft and fluffy bao buns, crispy fried chicken with fresh flavors – You can’t go wrong!

– Chicken Thighs – Garlic Cloves – Soy Sauce – Sesame Oil – Egg White – Corn Flour – Oil for Frying


Cut each chicken thigh into strips and add it to a medium sized bowl. Add in your soy sauce, sesame oil and egg white.


Give the chicken a good mix so it’s well coated in the marinade. Cover the bowl and place into the fridge for at least 30 minutes but if you have time overnight is best.


When you are ready to make the fried chicken bao remove the chicken from the fridge. Add the corn flour / corn starch to another bowl and using tongs coat each piece of chicken in the flour.


The secret to a really good coating on your chicken – leave the flour to hydrate from the marinade for 15 minutes while your oil heats up and you prepare the other ingredients.


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