The best Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe – It’s rich and decadent so you’ll only want a small slice but you won’t miss the flour in this naturally gluten free dessert.

– Sticks Butter – Dark Chocolate – Eggs – Sugar – Vanilla Essence


In a heat proof bowl add in the butter. Cut it into a few pieces so it can melt faster.


Cut the chocolate into small pieces and add to the bowl with the butter. Place the bowl over a saucepan on medium heat filled a few inches with boiling water.


While the chocolate and butter is melting crack eggs into a bowl. Make sure your eggs are at room temperature, if you store them in the fridge just remove them an hour or so before you start baking.


Once the chocolate and butter have melted together remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool slightly.


Measure out the sugar and place it into the bowl with the eggs.


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